Thursday, October 16, 2008

Enjoy Life Soft Baked Snickerdoodles - heck yes.

Mmmmmmmm and mmm. This one gets an A+++ for texture, and you know what an accomplishment that is.

Okay, so you should know beforehand that this cookie is made out of a buncha fruit. That said, go into this knowing that it's going to be a fruity snickerdoodle.

The size is, well, kinda small, but delightfully bite-sized (I prefer the cookies this size, myself). And it's all good for you. Just after the main ingredient - sorghum flour - comes a parade of fruit: date paste; grape, apple and pear juice concentrates. Click the image above to check out more of the wholesome facts on this cookie.

As if the chewy texture wasn't enough, they're also nut-free and vegan/vegetarian friendly. Go them!

I microwaved four of them at 10 seconds just to get them a little warm, and dipped 'em in milk. I think I'm just about to do it again...


Rachel Dukes said...

Oh man, those sound awesome! And since I found out I'm allergic to peanuts and almonds, the whole nut free aspect is awesome! Whoohoo!

Lynnis said...

I founds the lemon variety on clearance at Martin's the other day. I thought they were yummy, and I don't even require glutenless food!