Thursday, October 16, 2008

Glutino Feta and Spinach Pizza OH MY GOD GOOD

Normally, I emphasize the "no" on "Glutino." That's a little unfair of me, but I remember trying their foods in my earlier gluten-free days, and they had a long way to go.

Well, they've made it. I bought this pizza on a whim (and thus, I have no idea how much it was because I didn't want to know), and expected it to taste like a big fat NO. It was an enormous YES. YES YES YES.

This pizza couldn't have been more right. The crust is a mix of corn and tapioca starch, which surprises me because it takes a bit like a rice crust. It's got a sour hint that tastes perfect, and while it's especially crunchy, it's balanced perfectly by the gooey goodness of the feta, mozzarella and ricotta. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! That spinach.... mmmmmmm. Just mmmm. This pizza's a winner in my book.

This is a single-server that takes about 17 minutes to cook in the oven and should be chopped into four fat pieces (if you can get more out of this thing, I'd like to see it). The cheese is all-star real cheese, folks, so this one's not for vegans. No nuts were harmed in the creation of this pizza.

I'm salivating for another piece right now. Maybe I shouldn't have written this review until I had another one in the freezer...

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