Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ian's Fish Sticks!

I hadn't had fish sticks in at least 10 years before tonight. I've been pretty impressed with Ian's foods, so although my budget's been too tight to spend extra dough trying new gluten-free foods, on my last visit to the Common Market in Frederick I splurged on fish sticks.

"I splurged on fish sticks." Wow, my life has gotten exciting.

I ate the whole $4-5ish box of 'em tonight, and they were SUPERB! Better by far than the fish sticks I grew up on! They're breaded with a cornmeal base over very little more than fish (pollock) and a little garlic, which is perfect. The box boasts that these fish sticks are also free of casein, milk, eggs, nuts, and soy. But yeah, obviously not meat, 'cause they're fish sticks.

The shape of these sticks is slightly flattened, which creates the perfect texture. I baked them at the max time to be safe, and they were just right (a little on the crunchy side, which I like). Not soggy and not too fishy, but very fresh all the same. Perfect for dipping in ketchup or mustard.

BUYER BEWARE!! Ian's does have a gluten-packed version of most of their GF foods (including these), so MAKE SURE you see the "gluten-free" notice on the box before you buy them! I have at least three Amy's Mac & Cheese boxes in my fridge that I'll never be able to eat because I failed to read the box. So if you know someone who's not GF and likes mac & cheese, send them my way, please.

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