Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ian's French Bread Pizza - welcome back to grade school!

Welcome back to another wheat-, gluten-, casein-, milk-, egg-, and nut-free entrée by Ians!

I was hungry for pizza today, but Amy's have been hit-or-miss for me lately (anyone else noticing a strange aftertaste from their pizzas?), and I have to drive 45 minutes away for the nearest Glutino feta & spinach ones, so I decided to try Ian's "pizza boat" French Bread Pizza.

I have to say first that you get two pizzas the size of your hand. Well, my hand. They're tiny! Perfect for kids, but for adults they're more of a $5 snack than a meal.

But they're pretty good; even the soy "cheeze" doesn't disappoint! (Apologies to you dairy-free people; soy cheese sounds just WRONG, but I've learned over the past year that it is in fact delicious. I get it now.)

I suggest keeping the pizzas in the oven for longer than the suggested time; I put them in for 20 minutes and wound up sticking them back in for another five. At that point the crust was still nice and crunchy, the insides soft, and the "cheeze," well, as melted as "cheeze" can be. I'm not left craving another one, but in a pinch, they're a great hand-held snack, and I'll bet kids love them.

I give Ian's French Bread Pizza a B-. I'm not gonna make them sit indoors through recess, but I'm not going to give them a star sticker either.

Now, if they start selling just the French bread, I'll be all over it!

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