Monday, October 6, 2008

Welcome, non-gluten-eaters and friends!

This blog was created for Celiacs and non-gluten-eaters like me who love food, but also love adhering to their diets, and really love not having to cook every damn night.

I'm by no means rich, but trying out new gluten-free foods has become a hobby of mine over the years. I've found some good ones. I've found some horrible ones. I'd like to share them with you so that you can personally bypass the latter.

So here's the proposed format of this blog:

  • These are my reviews, and you may not agree with them. That's cool.

  • If you've tried the food I'm reviewing, I encourage you to comment with your own quick review.

  • Any comments that are mean or snide in nature will be removed, no questions asked.

  • If you have a GF food you'd like me to review, by all means suggest it to me!

  • Also, if you have any suggestions as to how this blog is laid out or run, please feel free to share them. I won't be able to post daily, weekly, or even monthly - I'm just going to post reviews as I try new foods - so subscribing to the RSS feed may be a good idea.

    Bon appetit and I hope I can help you find more gluten-free foods that don't suck!


    Rachel Dukes said...

    Hey Danielle,

    I am SO GLAD that you decided to start this blog. Mike's mom was recently diagnosed with celiacs, and I'm allergic to wheat (celiac test results pending); so this will be extremely useful to us to learn about new products and others that we may have missed!

    Rachel Dukes said...

    Also: I just tried Lundberg (gluten-free, wheat-free) Rice Cakes. I tried the seaweed ones (because I'm one of those crazy people that can just sit around and eat a carton of nori all day) and they were pretty good. (A bit dry - but that's to be expected for a rice cake!) They have a bunch of other flavors; so I'd recommend checking 'em out!